Cresco Brands is one of the newer additions to the Cresco World Trading Ltd. (CWT) family; bringing you the best in American and European Branded Grocery goods!

Cresco Brands specializes in the sourcing, supply, exporting all major brands from the US and Europe to all corners of the globe. If it exists in a western grocery store, let Cresco Brands help you find it.

The United States and Europe are known for some of the most popular and mass consumed consumer goods across the globe. Both American and European manufacturing practices are well regarded and appreciated by customers worldwide. All across Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa, customers seek out these highly sought after products; and, regards the institutions providing these assortments as setting themselves apart within the local market. Most importantly, Cresco Brands focuses on bringing in the real mccoy, not a cheap imposter unlike other importers.

While it is important to have a partner that provides the right goods at the right price, it is also crucial to provide new brands, skus, and sub categories that keep the grocery set fresh and innovative, constantly attracting both a return trip down the aisle and encouraging new customers to explore your offerings. Cresco Brands works both direct with the manufacturers and key vendors to constantly provide new updates and product brands that will help drive both more business and excitement thru product innovation.

Some of the key brands that we currently work with and supply include:

Frito Lay
JM Smuckers
General Mills
Kraft Heinz
Proctor & Gamble
Johnson & Johnson
Ferrero Rocher
… and many more!!!

Cresco Brands has established close relationships with both the manufacturers themselves and key vendors/wholesalers across these regions to provide competitive pricing, consolidation services, and updated knowledge of the changing trends across all grocery retail.


The Cresco Brands management team has over 20 years’ combined experience sourcing products across the United States, the Americas, and Europe.

We have a unique relationship with the region’s best freight forwarding agents. We work closely with them, thus ensuring that we streamline the process and deliver our brands from the source to you, the client, quickly and efficiently.

Contact Cresco Brands today and let us know your requirements. Interested in importing other branded products? We will do our very best to source what you need.

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March 08, 2019

Kampala, Uganda

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